Neuromas are also known as pinched or swollen nerves, or nerve tumors.

Often found between the third and fourth toes, they are nonmalignant growths of nerve tissue.

Neuromas cause the ball of the foot and area between the toes to experience numbness, burning, shooting or other pain.

Causes of Neuromas

  • Footwear that does not fit properly
  • Genetic predisposition
  • An imbalance in the biochemical aspect of the body
  • Shoes with overly high heels
  • Trauma to the feet

What can a patient do?

  • Wear comfortable footwear with smaller heels
  • Be sure to wear shoes with sufficient space for the toes
  • Ice and rest your feet in water after prolonged stress on them

What can a podiatrist do for you?

  • Examine the afflicted area
  • Arrange for various scans, such as MRIs and X-Rays to be performed
  • Provide cortisone or neurolytic injections
  • If necessary, perform surgery including minimally invasive
  • Recommend arch supports or custom orthoses
  • Prescribe medication to relieve the inflammation