From Pain & Discomfort That Often Accompanies Peripheral Neuropathy!

Enjoy life again! We’ll help you improve your circulation and possibly, even enhance your ability to exercise, walk, drive, work and sleep more comfortably!

Imagine living without constant pain and “pins-and-needles” in your feet and legs!

Why endure the miserable burning sensation and numbness when you don’t have to! We have proven solutions to help relieve the symptoms that often accompany Peripheral Neuropathy (PN).

Over 20 million Americans suffer from PN. Untreated, this type of nervous system damage can have painful, disabling, even fatal consequences.

If you have diabetes, a circulatory or immune disorder, a minor foot problem can lead to an infection that increases the risk of losing a limb, or worse.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “Doctors estimate that nearly half of the amputations caused by neuropathy and poor circulation could have been prevented by careful foot care.”

Over 50 percent of all lower-limb amputations in the U.S. occur in people with diabetes. Yet, nearly one quarter of the 27 million Americans who have diabetes are undiagnosed!

Expect Better Days Ahead!

Diabetes is a leading cause of Peripheral Neuropathy, affecting up to 70 percent of diabetics. Over 100 other conditions can also cause nerve damage of the extremities, including advancing age, menopause, infection, injury, toxic exposures and autoimmune disorders.

Your “peripheral” nerves travel through your extremities, the furthest from the center of your body. They control your blood vessels.

When peripheral nerves are damaged, your blood vessels shrink in diameter or close off completely. Reduced blood flow (poor circulation) can cause severe nerve pain and compromise the healing of infections or injury to your limbs.

The good news is that diabetic and non-diabetic neuropathy can often be successfully treated or prevented right here in our office!

Don’t Make The Mistake of Waiting Too Long!!

Neuropathy will only get WORSE over time!

With Peripheral Neuropathy, time is definitely not on your side. The longer it’s present, the greater the chance of progressive nerve damage and eventual complications!

Peripheral Neuropathy is a dysfunction of one or more of the nerves “outside” or on the periphery of the spinal cord that regulate blood flow.

Over time, nerve damage leads to poor blood circulation to your limbs.

Often a pattern of ascending nerve damage occurs. Your feet and legs are likely to be affected before your hands and arms.

That’s why you absolutely can’t ignore your foot symptoms, even minor ones!

Loss of sensation in your feet means that sores or injuries may go unnoticed and can develop into life- or limb- threatening infections.

It’s to your advantage to have foot exams several times throughout the year, especially if you have diabetes, circulation problems, or a compromised immune system.

If you haven’t seen a Podiatrist in the last three months, please schedule your appointment today!!

Proven! Up to 90% Reversal of Neuropathy Symptoms!

It’s frightening to lose the feeling in your legs and feet, and to constantly worry about losing your balance and falling. For diabetics, it’s most unsettling when your feet or leg wounds won’t heal and you have to live with daily pain, fear and uncertainty.

Many causes of Peripheral Neuropathy can be successfully treated or prevented!

According to neuropathy researcher Thomas Burke, Ph.D., “In thousands of actual case studies on patients that follow clinical recommendations, 70 to 90 percent had reversal of symptoms,”

Our goal is to help you improve your circulation, nerve function and your body’s ability to heal.

Addressing the underlying cause of your neuropathy can actually help protect your nerve cells.

In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) points out that, “Peripheral Nerves have the ability to regenerate, as long as the nerve cell itself has not been killed. Symptoms often can be controlled…eliminating the causes of specific forms of neuropathy often can prevent new damage.”

“Peripheral Nerves” CAN Regenerate With Proper Care!!!

NIH also points out that, “Timely treatment…can help prevent permanent damage. Meticulous foot care…can alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life. Such changes often create conditions that encourage nerve regeneration.”

Structural imbalances, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions leading to neuropathy can be controlled in several ways. If you suffer from nerve entrapment, we can explore ways to alleviate damaging pressure on the nerves.

Special shoes and shoe inserts can be helpful in improving balance, gait and help you prevent foot injuries.
You may benefit from a combination of our specialized treatments.